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River Cruising

If you're looking for something different, then why not consider a River Cruise?  See several desinations in one go, with no internal flights or transfers, and never loose sight of land.


Today's River Yachts are very contemporary and have thrown off their old "stuffy" image. Beautifully appointed cabins, many with private balconies,exquisite cuisine, and a high level of service help make this a truly unique experience.  


Sailing these great rivers, you will be awe inspired as you see the majestic castles and scenery from an expansive teak deck.  Relax in the main lounge, or cycle alongside the boat as she navigates the river.


Sail the Danube, Rhine, Moselle and the waterways of Holland and Belgium - everything is possible from the North Sea to the Black Sea.  


Another option is to consider using these boats for hotel accommodation at exhibitions.  Amsterdam, Cologne, Vienna, Basle, Budapest to name but a few.


Further afield there are some great opportunities for cruises along the Mekong, taking in the wonders of Vietnam and Cambodia.


What to Expect

  • A very modern and contemporary fleet.
  • Single seating dining.
  • Fine European cusine.
  • Wine with lunch and dinner.
  • Exceptional service.



  • Danube.
  • Rhine.
  • Moselle.
  • Neckar.
  • Belgium.
  • Netherlands.
  • Lake Yssel.
  • Yangtze.
  • Mekong.
  • Amazon.

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